Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I love This Job
But I have to Go
Because I have Got Something
Which I cant Ignore

I Aimed for the Sky
I got the Stars
And I Saw the World Beyond
That I want to Explore

This isn’t for Money, this isn’t my Greed
This isn’t about People that make me Crib
But this is about the Dreams I have always had
A flick of Hope that makes me Mad

I am Upset, I feel Sad
To leave the World I created from Scratch
But now is the age to take more Risk
And this is the Opportunity I could not Miss

Separation will be Painful that’s what it Seems
For I would miss the Boss and the Entire Team
Our Relationship is Eternal and the world is small
            And I would be in touch with One and All

           p/s : thanks JBA Bera..

thank you..

aaahhh.. with thousands of it's time to leave.. for every single memory, experiences and precious moments..from the very bottom of my heart..THANK YOU...